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of Dresden

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  Association for
 Automatic Identification
 and Mobility

 Organic Electronics


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Focus Project



     Professional Forum for the Development of

    • RFID Technologies
    • System Integration: Hardware and Software
    • RFID Applications:
      • Customer Supply Chain Management
      • Industry/Production Logistics
      • Health Care
      • Brand Protection
      • Access Control and Ticketing
      • Asset Tracking
    • Security Aspects
    • RFID Technologies for Customers: New Services and Privacy

     Focusing on future Technology Design

    • Transponder Technologies
    • Air Interface
    • Protocols
    • Data Rates
    • Adequate Middleware realising Real-time Processes in Logistics
    • Economic Considerations
    • New Areas of Application
    • New Technologies for increased Security & Privacy
    • RFID compliant Packaging Technologies

     Contributions to Standardisation

     Certification Procedures

     Organisation of Events, Workshops and Conferences


  Working Areas

    • Identifikation & Legitimation
    • RFIDs in industrial Process Automation
    • RFIDs beyond the Point of Sales
    • Tracking & Tracing
    • Security & Privacy
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Middleware / Software Environments
    • RFID-Technologies and  Electronics, Protocols
    • RFID Radio Technologies and Frequency Management
    • Sociological Aspects / Acceptance
    • Standardardisation
    • Public Relations


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